The involvement of Rip Curl as an industry research partner provided an exciting opportunity for the Perpetual Pigments Curators to involve Gamillaroi artist Elly Chatfield. Elly, a Deakin NIKERI Institute alumnus provided lino-cut designs which were applied to Rip Curl TShirts. Elly’s designs for the Perpetual Pigments Exhibition were inspired by a 2019 field trip to Greenland, Sweden and Denmark.

As a NIKERI student, Elly participated as a research assistant on the exploration to develop the International Indigenous Design Charter which was co-authored by Deakin academics Dr. Russell Kennedy, Dr. Meghan Kelly, Dr. Brian Martin (Muruwari, Bundjalung, Gamilaroi) and Deakin Honorary Fellow, Jefa Greenaway (Wailwan, Gamilaroi). In addition to the T-shirts, Elly also allowed the Perpetual Pigments team to expand and interpret the lino-cut designs into repeatable patterns whereby the recycled pigments could be tested for screen printing bolts of fabric. Jacinta Kay worked with Elly to extend her designs into repeated motifs using a colour scheme of the IFM pigments in the screen-printing process. The images on this page represent examples of digital prototyping from this research exploration. In the exhibition, you will see the actual outcomes of the screen printing of this work using the pigments and patterns created by Elly and Jacinta.