Rip Curl...

The Search

Rip Curl’s history tells a remarkable tale of two young surfers (Singer and Warbrick) who in 1969 pursued their dream of finding the perpetual wave and ultimate ride. Surfing jargon maybe, but Rip Curl’s spiritual connection with nature and its mantra of “The Search” aligns comfortably with the circular economy apparition of this research exploration.

Few companies can claim to have started a global industry. Rip Curl, an Australian-born, design led company is acknowledged globally as the industry trail blazer, product innovator and market leader in surfing culture, retail and fashion. It came as no surprise when Group Development Manager, Alban Piot enthusiastically pledged Rip Curl’s support of the Perpetual Pigments project and its theme of Sustainable Colour and Continuous Culture. Rip Curl, as an Industry partner sponsored, produced and coordinated the printing of T Shirts featuring designs by First Nation artist, Elly Chatfiefd. These examples provide evidence of the potential for commercial application of the IFM research. It also highlights how circular manufacturing processes can add product appeal and perceived value for environmentally conscious consumers. Perpetual Pigments thanks Rip Curl for their generous support of this important research into responsible manufacturing methods and processes.